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Presented by intuitive channels and Joy Practitioners™ Tom and AJ from Camp Joy Ranch

The Guides give us some valuable information about COVID-19 and what to do in this time of change...

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Intuitive Channels and Joy Practitioners™

Intuitive channels AJ Cavanagh and Tom Workman met in 2016. Although each had years of experience in metaphysical service between them, Spirit made it clear that they were to join forces to create a divine partnership and practice.

Both AJ and Tom feel privilaged to share with you messages channeled from Source Consciousness. These messages of Divine Wisdom are expressed through the channeling of native elders, extraterrestrial beings, ascended masters, angels and elementals.  AJ and Tom simply refer to these divine beings as "The Guides."

Messages from the Guides focus specifically on the expansion of joy in body, mind and spirit. Joy, they have expressed, is our natural Divine state, a frequency that is available to us all of our lives and is not based on circumstances . The guides offer practical physical, mental, and spiritual practices we can use to raise our vibration to the level of joy and to keep it there, regardless of our current situation or condition. 

Tom and AJ are committed to be in service to the Guides, sharing the messages and wisdom of Source Consciousness to individuals and groups through their blogs and webcast sessions which are posted on this site. Tom and AJ offer "Joy Coaching," an interactive conversation directed by the Guides to connect you with your higher self.  These sessions are conducted  in person at Camp Joy Ranch or via a Zoom appointment.

 "JOY is the center of the universe, the heart of this dimension and all others. 

It is the centerpiece and always shall be.  And yet there is a desire to push it off 

because we are unwilling to face the very universe that adores and loves us."  

- Channeled 12/9/2018


Channelling Sessions

Tom and AJ offer group channelling sessions that connect the messages of the Guides to the specific energies of those attending.

Significantly, the channeled session is created by the collective intentions and vibrations of those seated in the circle. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the session, allowing the Guides to direct their wisdom to the unique circumstances and needs of each person.

 Tom and AJ offer monthly sessions at Camp Joy Ranch. 

Specific dates are announced periodically on this website and in advance through their monthly e-newsletter.  Reservations are required.  Tom and AJ are also available to provide group and individual sessions at other locations as requested.


Camp Joy Ranch

Tom and AJ purchased this beautiful property in 2018 as their home and spiritual centre. 

Tom and AJ recognized that the home, with its desert garden, walking paths and mountain views, would serve as the perfect environment for their work with the Divine.

Today, 'Camp Joy Ranch' integrates the energy of Mother Earth and the wisdom of the Divine to provide a unique and relaxing environment for clients and those attending special events.

Camp Joy Ranch is located in Phoenix, Arizona, just north of the Carefree Highway, about 40-minutes drive from downtown and Sky Harbor Airport.

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